What Is The Origin Of Our Program?

Martinica Barrionuevo and Marcela Teran, experts in child development with over 30 years of combined experience, created “TOTS My Time” after years of consistently realizing there was a lack of space for families to appropriately transition their toddlers into pre-school.

The result of some pre- schools strong emphasis in “academics” at an early age ends up becoming counter active as it is scientifically proven that children do learn the easiest through play and not through forma/ highly structured teaching. Our program is a new and fresh alternative where your children can develop their full potential!

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Effectiveness of Our Program.

We use Standardized developmental testing to assess your child's skills every 6-9 months. Based on the testing results, we create an individualized developmental and academic plan that follows for the school year.

Most of our children start with an average development (percentiles 40 and 50) at the beginning of the program and leave with skills on a very superior ranges (percentiles 80 and 90).

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Key Elements Of Our Developmental Classes

Toys are open-ended to promote imagination

We benefit from the child's intrinsic curiosity

Theme-based classes that change monthly

Developing independence in daily life activities

The student-teacher relationship is our most important tool

We understand the importance of movement to promote sensory regulation

Our program is designed fusing elements from different educational and therapeutic models, that we have consistently used over the past 15 years and that we strongly believe support development in the best manner: DIR Floortime, Sensory Integration, Social Thinking, Neurodevelopment, Reggio Emilia approach, Neuro Development, among others.

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Is This Program A Good Fit For My Family?

The program is designed for toddlers from 18 to 30 months. We focus on a friendly, slow paced and emotionally respectful transition for your child at home to him/ her attending a semi structured environment.

This is not an academic program, but rather a developmental one where your child will strengthen all the skills that are pre-requisites for academic learning (fine and gross motor, self-regulation, language precursors).


What Happens During This Transition?

During transition, children and their families encounter a new environment, new children, new adults, new teachers, new spaces, and a new daily rhythm. As teachers, we believe in the importance of taking time to get to know each other and start creating a sense of belonging to the group and the school. During the first days of school children and families come full of happiness, expectations, and mixed emotions. Feelings of eagerness to discover the new, as well as feelings of wonder towards the unknown, are typical.

We believe children and families have the right to live a comfortable transition. Quality, time, and respect are aspects that we strongly value, especially during the beginning of this journey. Each family’s transition is special and respected, and we will support you in the best possible way. Our priority is that your child feels comfortable as he/she begin building new relationships.


What Should You Expect At The End Of The Program?

Your child will be initially assessed using a standardized test for language or for motor development, which will give us a baseline of where his/ her skills are and we will monitor bimonthly and give you a short written report. It is expected that toddlers attending the program will develop within normal ranges until the transition into pre-school. We re-asses every 6 months using the same standardized developmental tests.

They will also be immersed in an environment rich in opportunities for social interactions to facilitate strong peer and adult relationships skills. Your child will have a solid foundation to begin formal pre-school education!

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    Tots my time offers an innovative program that blends various educational and therapeutic models to support children's development. We have seen consistent positive results. Highly recommend.
    Lorena Bujato
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    Very effective in promoting child development. It was a total success for us and we love their approach. Strongly recommend!
    Samantha Rojas
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    Outstanding results for our children's development. Our experience has been extremely positive. Super recommend.
    James D. Sinclair

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